Butterfly Dress

Hi! Welcome to The Late Sew with Vienna! It’s the “late” sew because I learned to sew later (after I graduated from college!) aaaaand also because I do 90% of my sewing late late late at night once my littles are abed. I’ve always been a night owl, and I prefer to do my sewing once everyone else is down for the night. It means I get a bit less sleep than I should, and I’m pretty much always tired, but we make it work.

Pattern Review of the Agnes Top

When I’m not up late at night sewing (whilst sipping soda and watching BBC miniseries), you can find me at home with my three littles, at Target, or the fabric store. I am a runaway maximalist; I like crazy prints, lots of color, I talk too much, and I have too many projects in the works at a time—crochet, knitting, and embroidery in addition to quilting and apparel sewing. I recently started teaching sewing classes, I have an Etsy shop called Nennie & Nolie, and I help my handsome husband with his business. I’m pretty busy, but lest you think I have time to do it all, I’ll just tell you that my house is always a mess and you will seldom find me at the gym.

Welcome to the party; let’s chat about sewing!