Taking The Late Sew on the (wrong side of the) Road!

I’ve got some huge, exciting, British news. That’s right. Get ready for The Late Sew’s British Isles Adventure!

In one week from today, Mr. Late Sew and I are headed on the trip of a lifetime!

Let me back up to explain how this came about. Last fall, I was visiting my parents when I received a phone call from my husband. He said, “I’m about to do something very irresponsible.” Cue the horror, right? First you must know that my husband is a wizard at getting amazing travel deals. Amazing. It’s a talent I’ve never seen matched. But it’s been years since we’ve gone on a trip, because, you know, life and stuff.

ANYWAY, he found some absolutely incredible flights to Europe. Like, cheaper than lots of domestic flights. It was insane. There were several cities included, and we deliberated for a bit about where we might want to go. One of the options was Dublin, and we decided that we could fly there, spend a few days in Ireland, and then make the tour of Scotland, England, and maybe Wales. A British Isles Grand Tour!

I’m pretty much obsessed with all things British. I studied British literature in college (and I’m a Ravenclaw for life), we love British music,  both of our ancestries have huge Irish and British origins, and pretty much everything I watch is produced by the BBC. We cannot wait. We’re renting a car and driving all around (on the wrong side of the road, yikes!) and it’s going to be absolutely brilliant. Really smashing.

So that’s where we’re headed! We’ll be leaving in a week, I’ve got loads to do, I’m super overwhelmed, I’m sad to be leaving my babies, but I’m also INCREDIBLY excited. We’ve got some amazing things on our itinerary, and are going to try our best to see and do as much as we possibly can.

I’m also going to be sharing tons of handmade clothing I’ll be wearing on our trip, including a few things I’m feverishly sewing last minute, in true Vienna fashion. We’ll see how much I get done!

This quilt is the Victory Garden pattern. I made this almost four years ago for my husband for his birthday. I actually brought it with me to give it to him at the hospital because our little boy was born three days before my husband’s birthday. He saw the quilt rolled up and thought it was for the baby, but it was for him! It’s probably the coolest quilt I’ve ever made. I kind of want to pack it so we can take pictures of it over there, but maybe that’s insane? Still might do it…

I would love to hear any suggestions you have for things we must do. I’ve got a few sewing stops on my wish list, and I’m hoping to share some of our adventures along the way. I plan on getting a few posts written while we’re there, but be sure to follow along @thelatesew on Instagram to see all of our grand and lovely British adventures! Pip pip, cheerio, darlings!